Our mission is to improve lives and strengthen communities by promoting and providing quality affordable homes for people in need.

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Affordable rental homes continue to be in short supply, and renters face high and ever-rising costs.

There is no state or county in the U.S. where a renter working full-time at minimum wage can afford a two-bedroom apartment. Housing availability has shrunk to record lows while rental costs have increased dramatically. The magnitude of the affordable housing crisis we are currently facing calls for bold and innovative solutions. Avesta Housing is working to meet that challenge.

For more information visit................     https://www.avestahousing.org      

Fryeburg Rotary Area Rotary Club welcomes Avesta Housing to our meeting this past Tuesday.      This subject is a crisis that we all need to hear about and help work towards creating solutions to minimize this problem.        

Avesta Housing is a non-profit affordable housing provider for 50 years.     Avesta has been developing and preserving affordable homes for people in need and also providing essential support services to help those residents thrive.     Avesta operates 100 properties throughout Maine and New Hampshire and provides homes to more than 4,000 people every day.

Sara Olen is the Vice President of advancement at Avesta Housing.   For 7 years, she has guided the non-profit organization in resource development, internal and external communications and public relations.  

Lauren Turner is an associate development officer and has worked at Avesta Housing for over 1 year.

Thank you for a very informative and important subject that affects our local communities.