Fryeburg Area Rotary Club Honors December Citizen of the Month 2023
Congratulations to Noah Murray a 6th grader.      Noah exemplifies “service to others” in a way far beyond his years. Noah serves others by being a consistent model of kindness and
empathy.   He is intuitive to others’ needs and often assists before they ask for help; he is such a natural helper that sometimes he’s there even before others realize that they need support.
Noah is always ready to help with academic tasks, pick peers up when they stumble, and provide an encouraging word.    And through all of these acts of service, Noah doesn’t boast or seek praise.   We doubt that Noah even recognizes the positive impact he has.    And yet, people around Noah benefit from his kindness and service.   We are happy to celebrate Noah Murray as the 6th Grade’s Rotary Citizen of the Month for December as a small “thank you” for all he does to help others.