Citizen of the Month of October 2023
Meet Eden Towle who is Fryeburg Area Rotary Club's Citizen of the Month for October 2023.
"This year’s fifth grade has many students who could earn this award- they are a truly great group of learners.   
Eden may not play on a sports team but does constantly demonstrate an openness to include others in activities- whether in the classroom or during social activities such
as games during recess.    Eden goes out of their way to help other students. This can be academically assisting a math group member who is struggling with an idea, being the elected group leader who seeks clarification from teachers on the behalf of the team, helping someone to log in into a device for class, or simply helping someone find a pencil.  Eden has a huge heart.   Is dedicated to academics and challenges herself to learn a wide variety of subjects.  Eden seeks out opportunities to think deeply about history, science, how math WORKS, and the things represented in their books.  
Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.

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